Keats and Beats

Keats and Beats

Thursday, March 2 8 PM

It’s back. It clawed its way out of a shallow grave of two-year discontinuity that seems to plague everything in Philo. Keats and Beats is here to stay. And what is Keats and Beats you might ask? Well. Keats and Beats is for readers, writers, and lovers of poetry. It’s a time for closet poets to come out, and veteran poets to read their Eliot-inspired verse in the company of other bards. Come prepared to read if you’re ready, to write if you’re not, or to simply enjoy the roundtable discussion at this metrical resurrection.

Please use the East Entrace of College Hall, by Fisher Fine Arts Library.

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Solistimum IV: Special Meeting


Monday, February 20 8 – 11 PM

The last solistimum of the semester!

Solistima are informal social events held in the Philo Halls, open to all Penn students and guests. They are meant to give prospective applicants the chance to casually converse and engage with members of the Society in a relaxed setting. I encourage all those interested in joining Philo to attend. Everyone is most welcome, regardless of whether or not they intend to apply to Philo this semester.

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Friday Afternoon Tea: James A. Pletcher

Friday, February 17 4-6 PM

James A. Pletcher, graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (C’93) and senior member of the Philomathean Society, received his Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews and currently serves as a lecturer on the classics at Brooklyn College. An expert on drama and prose of the classical period as well as modern reception of classical works, his recent research examines the relationship between criminality and authority in early Greek literature.

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Keats and Beats

Thursday, Feburary 16 8 PM

This is a story all about how
Keats and Beats came back to town
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
And invite you all to a lyrical fanfare

Please use the East Entrace of College Hall, by Fisher Fine Arts Library.

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Meeting the Fourth: Shakespeare in Quotation Marks


Friday, February 10th 8 PM

In recent years, the quotation of proverbs from Shakespeare’s plays has become an institution in and of itself. Far more readers have gained exposure to the Bard through Polonius’ “to thine own self be true” or Iago’s “good name in man and woman…” than they have through the works themselves. This litex, led by Philo member Nathan May, will look at two moments in time when this process of proverbial excerption became particularly pervasive. Throughout, we will see how a history of Shakespearean proverbial quotation, far from serving as a merely amusing trifle, raises vital questions about the nature and purpose of literature itself.

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Solistimum the Third: Live Clue


Tuesday, February 7th 8 PM

Was it the Moderator in the Library with a gavel? Or the First Censor in the Art Gallery with a broken teacup? Come one, come all to what should be the event of the semester! For just one evening, the Philo Halls will transform into the scene of an old English murder mystery. Sleuth alongside Philos and friends, and be the first to unmask the culprit!

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Meeting the Third: The Neuroscience of Language Impairment


Friday, February 3rd 8:30 PM

Junor member Joseph Coffey ’17 will be presenting research he has been doing at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with diffusion MRI and mapping language pathways in the brains of children. Using his findings, he will explore how researchers can use this data to predict language ability in autistic and atypically-developing populations. Lastly he will explore some of the limitations of neuroimaging research in the modern world.

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Friday Afternoon Tea: Professor Ponzy Lu


Friday, February 3rd 4 PM

Biological Chemistry and Chair, College Biochemistry Program, Director, Roy and Diana Vagelos Scholars Program for the Molecular Life Sciences…These are some of the many titles Professor Ponzy Lu has come to aggregate over his academic career. Join us as he discusses his work and teaching experiences over tea and snacks.

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Lindback Lecture: Dr. Cynthia Connoly


Thursday, Februrary 2nd 5 PM

Dr. Connolly is an associate professor of nursing. She was awarded a PhD in 1999 and a Bachelors degree in 1980 from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and received a Masters degree in Primary Care and School Health from the University of Rochester in 1987. In 2001, she completed the post-masters program in Pediatric Acute/Chronic Care at Penn. Dr. Connolly also undertook two years of postdoctoral training at Columbia University’s Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health’s History of Public Health and Medicine Program. Her postdoctoral training was enhanced by a fellowship on Capitol Hill in the office of Senator Paul Wellstone [D-Minn]. Dr. Connolly also serves as Co-Faculty Director and Penn’s Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice, and Research.

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Solistimum II: Hot Chocolate and Cold Wars


Thursday, January 26 8 PM

If you believe Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face, my my… you have found the perfect solistimum to go to! Enjoy a screening of “Dr. Strangelove” and some hot chocolate as we go through our Cold War themed night.

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