Meeting the First: Magic in the Ancient World


Cult temples and curse tablets and theurgy, oh my! To kickstart a year of raucous cranial hell-raising, junior member Michael Freeman will be delivering a literary exercise on the history of ancient magic. Presenting a virtual tour of an exhibit of his own creation at the Penn Museum, he’ll enlighten us all on ancient Greek magical practice through a presentation of magical artifacts.

To enter College Hall, please use the East Entrance by Fisher Fine Arts Library.

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Solistimum I: Bannedemonium

ConfucianBookBurningsExecutions copy

As we ascend to the new school year, all are welcome to descend up to Philomathean Halls for a night of themed revelry.

Philo will be celebrating banned and censored media, from Puff the Magic Dragon to Naked Lunch. There’ll be a playlist of your favorite banned songs, piles of snacks modeled on censored monographs, and a viewing of Where The Wild Things Are, one of the cuter books once banned in many schools.

Solistimae are casual get-togethers with food and drinks for the public to explore Philo Halls. They are hosted and overseen by the First Censor. To enter College Hall, please use the East Entrance by Fisher Fine Arts Library.

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Philo: Tour the Mormon Temple!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.09.44 AM

The Philomathean Society has arranged a tour of the newly constructed Temple of the Latter Day Saints. After half a decade of construction and $200,000,000, this is an exceptionally rare opportunity; upon its dedication on September 18th, only Mormons are allowed in the Temple, which is expected to serve 50,000 Mormons in the tristate area.

We will be taking SEPTA from College Hall at 3:00pm. Try to bring your own token!!

All are welcome. Send an RSVP to

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Philograd 2016

Another year in Philo Halls, we bid farewell to the Class of 2016. Photography as usual began promptly and barely at 5:30ΦST. After an Ethiopian dinner in West Philadelphia, we descended back up to Philo Halls where Heather Tang ’19 spun her Bowl Oration to usher in the Senior Member Orations in Latin, French, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese. The Charles F. Ludwig Award was awarded to AO Director Leo Page-Blau, while the John Frederick Lewis Memorial Award was given to Yueqi Yang for her literary exercise 剩女 “Left-over” Women in China. Toasts on the Stump lasted the night.


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Spring Senior Member Reception

philo senior memeber reception

Descend on Philo Halls for our annual Spring Senior Member Reception on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 12pm – 4pm! No RSVP is necessary for the phun, just make sure to enter College Hall through the East Entrance near Phisher Phine Arts Library where a presiding Junior Member can grant you ingress.

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Philomathean Homecoming 2015

Philomathean Halls will be open on November 7th from 12pm to 6 pm for Homecoming Weekend. We welcome all Members and their guests to come to the halls for High Tea, a light meal, and conversation with the Junior Members.

RSVP here

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Meeting the Fifth


There may be as many weathered bricks from 34th to 40th street as there are Ben Franklin statues in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t mean Penn’s institutional mortar was always what it is today. Come learn about the defining decades of the Penn-West Philadelphia relationship and how their triumphs and tensions surface in current practices–and in us, as possibly unknowing arms of a politically fraught body.

Join the Philomathean Society for our fifth general meeting of the semester. Junior member Laura Cosgrove will conducting her literary exercise on the Penn-West Philadelphia relationship.

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“The Intersection of Medical Ethics and LGBTQIA+ Rights” A Talk with Dr. Lance Wahlert

Dr. Lance Wahlert (Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics, Director of the Master of Bioethics program in the Department of Medical Ethics, and Director of the PENN Project on Bioethics, Sexuality, and Gender Identity) will take the Philomathean audience on an interdisciplinary journey of queer-inspired medical history as he examines the more recent stakes of homosexuality and queerness in contemporary medicine. Paying special attention to the powers and malevolent influences of the stigmatizing forces of diagnosis and nosological categorization, he traces how the HIV/AIDS pandemic has forcibly returned LGBTQ persons to the medical sphere, creating what he calls, “the painful reunion.” The responses of the LGBTQ community to that reunion in art, activism and academia, he argues, has forged revisions of a dark, medical past for queer persons with an eye towards a potentially more affirming present and future.

Join Philo Monday afternoon for an illuminating talk with Dr. Wahlert.

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Meeting the Fourth


Come join the Philomathean Society for our fourth meeting of the semester! There will be food, refreshments for all, gentle madness and a literary exercise presented by one Mr. Sebastián Pinto-Díaz.

Mr. Pinto-Díaz will be taking on some controversial poetry and challenging Kant’s categorical imperatives.

Upon arriving at College Hall please utilize the East Entrance by Fisher Fine Arts Library. A Philo will be stationed there to let you in.

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Afternoon Tea with Professor Arthur Waldron


Come to the Philomathean Halls for a tea and casual conversation with Historian Arthur Waldron.
Prof. Waldron has been the Lauder Professor of International Relations in the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania, since 1997, having taught at Princeton, Brown, and the Naval War College. His works studies the history of East Asia, at the juncture of nationalism, war and violence. A regular traveler, he has visited some fifty countries, and lectured all over the world, including Europe, Russia (in Russian), Japan (in Japanese), and Australia.

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