Meeting the Fourth

8:00 PM PhST Friday, October 26th | Philomathean Hall, 4th Floor College HallĀ (Please enter by the East Entrance, across from Fisher Fine Arts Library)

In the past two decades we have seen how the ability to program computers to communicate with one another at lightning fast speeds has revolutionized how we interact with information, and yet I still don’t have a robot to do my laundry. Computers seem to be getting smarter and smarter and meanwhile, the advances in robotics over that span of time has been pretty-much pitiful. One day robots might have the same, if not a greater impact on our lives but what’s taking them so long?

The Philomathean Society invites you to learn about the exciting field of robotics as Michael Lautman Lit-ex’s on everything from the foundations of digital logic to the manufacturing of complex mechanical robots that are designed to do everything from picking up after your dog to outrunning Usain Bolt.

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