Meeting the Eighth

8:00 PM PhST Friday, December 6th | Philomathean Hall, 4th Floor CollegeĀ HallĀ (Please enter by the East Entrance, across from Fisher Fine Arts Library)

Join the members of the Philomathean Society for Meeting the Eighth, our last meeting of the semester. As is customary, food, drink, stimulating conversation, and a mildly funny joke will be had. A literary exercise will be delivered by Nora Castle entitled, “Commodified Sex: Hostesses and Hosts in Japan.” Could this be about the sexualization of the Twinkie? It’s best that you come and see for yourself. December 21st is fast approaching, so come to the Halls for the last meeting of the semester (and perhaps history), bid adieu to your ennui and partake in the gentle madness that is Philo, before we all indulge in some fatal Mayan madness.
Sic itur ad astra!

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