Meeting the First: A Provocative Performance

Meeting I Pic

8:00 PM PhST Friday (8:26 PM EST), January 11th | Philomathean Hall, 4th Floor College Hall (Please enter by the East Entrance, across from Fisher Fine Arts Library)

The idyllic days of a bygone midwinter break may be over, but you can still find good cheer at the Philomathean Society’s Meeting the First! Come for the eatables and madcap butchering of Robert’s Rules, stay for the customary Literary Exercise! This Friday, join us as Miss Lorena Nicol explores the ideas of cooperation and provocation through performance. She will explore Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit in the hope that it can allow a consideration of oppositionality and how cooperation can be critical. Let the revels commence!

Sic itur ad astra!

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