Contact Us

Contact with the Philomathean Society can be arranged by electric-mail, postal-mail, or physical means. Ouija board support coming soon!

Electric Mail
You can direct communications to the society to the Moderator (

Postal Mail
Alternatively, send quaint old snail-mail (we love postcards!) to:
The Philomathean Society
Box H, College Hall
3450 Woodland Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Our beloved residence at Penn is docked on the 4th floor of College Hall. To get to the Philomathean Halls, make your way to the 3rd floor of College Hall by any means possible. You may enter through any door during regular business hours and take one of the two staircases, or during evening Philo events, a member will greet guests at the East entrance of College Hall.

Once you arrive on the third floor, rise to the fourth floor via the separate Philo stairs across from the elevator. See the diagram on the right for a vivid illustration of the East entrance.

Stop by for a chat and see what we are up to!

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