Current Membership & Officers

The Society’s membership in good standing consists of undergraduate students (Junior Members) and graduate students (Special Members) in any of the university’s 12 schools. Members who meet Philo’s criteria for graduation become Senior Members upon their separation from the university. This page also notes which members of Philo currently hold positions on the Cabinet.

Officers of the 530th Cabinet

Moderator (
Kristen Theresa Kelly C’16 (Urban Studies, Asian American Studies)
First Censor (
Jacob Khan Sterling C’17 (Biochemistry, Neurobiology)
Second Censor (
Reece Todd Sisto C’18 (Belligerence)
Scribo (
Jason Ming Tangson Wesleyan’16 (Linguistics)
Recorder (
Kieona Lauren Cook C’17 (Biological Basis of Behavior)
Treasurer (
Jeremy Todd Cohen, C’17 (Classical Studies)
Librarian (
Andrew Alexeevich Bortvin C’16 (Biochemistry)
Archivist (
Rebecca Rose Heilweil C’18 (Intellectual History)
Annual Oration Director (
Leo Page-Blau, C’18 (Communications)

Members in Good Standing

Sarah Albala C’15 (Medical Anthropology)
Jacqueline Alexander C’15 (Biochemistry)
Jordan Baker C/W’16 (International Studies)
Melissa Beswick C’16 (Biological Basis of Behavior)
KC Boas C’15 (Classical Studies, Psychology)
Andrew Alexeevich Bortvin C’17 (Biochemistry)
Dylan Brown C’17 (Computer Science, Cognitive Science)
Catherine Cleveland C’15 (History)
Audrey Polansky Chisholm C’18 (Undeclared)
Joseph Noam Coffey C’17 (Linguistics, Cognitive Science)
Jeremy Todd Cohen C’17 (Classical Studies)
*Shaanan Cohney SEAS’20 (Security Engineering)
Kieona Lauren Cook C’18 (Biological Basis of Behavior)
Peter Patrick Cooney III, Lord of Sealand W’16 (Decision Processes)
Laura Cosgrove C’16 (Biochemistry)
Rachel Ray Dinh C’17 (English, Cognitive Science)
Jordan Driskill C’15 (Biochemistry)
Michael Louis Freeman C’17 (Classical Studies, Ancient History)
Isaac Louis Garcia C’15 (International Relations, English)
Benjamin Golombek C’15 (Science, Technology & Society, English)
Shams Haidari C’16 (History, Political Science)
Rebecca Rose Heilweil C’18 (History)
Clara Jane Hendrickson C’15 (Political Science, Comparative Literature)
Christina Hesketh C’15 (Biological Basis of Behavior)
Sue Jia W’17 (Undeclared)
Raghav Lambdis Joshi C’17 (Philosophy & Science, Computer Science)
Kristen Theresa Kelly C’16 (Urban Studies, Asian American Studies)
Otto Kienitz C’16 (Diplomatic History)
Lauren Placzek Zi-guen Leung E’17 (Computer & Information Science)
Ruihong Liu C&W’17 (English and Marketing)
Bobby Charles Lundquist C’16 (PPE – Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
Ben Marchi W’15 (Finance)
Nathan Shuster May C’17 (English)
Joel Michael McCarthy C’16 (Logic & Philosophy and Science)
Sudarshan Muralidhar E’16 (Networked and Social Systems Engineering)
Syra Ortiz-Blanes C’17 (History, Creative Writing)
Leo Page-Blau C’18 (Communications)
*Stefano Pietrosani GSAS’18 (Ph.D. in Economics)
Juan Sebastián Pinto Díaz C’17 (English)
Alex Polyak C’15 (South Asia Studies)
Daniel Abraham Rhodes LPS’16 (Philosophy)
Kimby Rosenthal C’15 (Intellectual History, Psychology)
Asher Rand Sendyk C&W’16 (Hospitality)
Reece Todd Sisto C’18 (Belligerence)
Han Jun Sim C’16 (Psychology, Fine Arts)
Jacob Khan Sterling C’17 (Biochemistry, Neurobiology)
Jason Ming Tangson Wesleyan’16 (Linguistics, Computer Science)
Emmett Mead Wynn C’15 (Intellectual History, Comparative Literature)
Gus Zern Wynn E’17 (Computer Engineering)
*Lana Xu GSE’15 (Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics)
Yueqi Yang W’16 (Finance)
Sean Youngstone C’16 (Economics)
Kathleen Zhou W’17 (Undeclared)

* Indicates special (graduate) member

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