Rolls of Graduates & Honorees

Membership in Philo is, barring resignation or impeachment, eternal (check out our alumni branches in the afterlife of your choice). Junior or Special Members who have completed the Society’s graduation requirements become Senior Members, which they remain for all time. Their names are noted here.

If you are a Senior Member, why not check out the Senior Member Portal?

Roll of Moderators
One of the Society’s oldest traditions is the Roll of Moderators, a recitation of every individual who has held the Society’s highest office since its foundation in 1813, recited each semester by the incumbent Moderator to announce the name of their successor. Some 500 people have held the post of Moderator, and all of their names are included on this list.

Honorary Members
The highest honor the Society can bestow, honorary membership is available to those individuals who have “demonstrated their commitment to the Society and its ideals.” Honorary members have included notable professors, public intellectuals, and University Provosts and Presidents. An incomplete list of Honorary Members, with some of the surviving citations, can be found on our honorary membership page.

Roll of Senior Members
The ranks of the Society’s senior members extend very far indeed, and this incomplete list of senior members gives just some indication of how far that is.

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