Senior Member Portal

Please note that the content of this page is intended for Senior Members of the Philomathean Society.

Send us your news!
Keep your phellow Philos up to date with what you’re doing post-graduation, let us know any changes to your personal information, and sign up for Hebdo as a senior member – all in one handy form!

Join Philo on Facebook!
Thanks to improvements in carrier pigeon technology, Facebook has a new group infrastructure that allows for members to join who are unaffiliated with the Penn network. Thus, if you have a facebook profile, please join your fellow Philos on our own Philo group!

Donate to the Kojo Minta Memorial Tea Series Fund
The Kojo Minta Memorial Tea Series is named in honor of a witty, thoughtful, and brilliant Philo who is remembered as one of the Society’s most active and passionate Tea Chairs. Your generosity will help sponsor regular +Friday teas and informal conversations between professors and intellectually curious students.

For more information, please contact the Alumni Chairperson.

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