All Philomathean Society events are open to the public.

Meeting & Solistimum Dates for Fall 2015:
NSO Solistimum: August 22nd. Philo Choco Factory
Meeting the First: August 28th. Augmented & Virtual Reality, by Peter Cooney III ’16
Solistimum the Second: September 3rd
Meeting the Second: September 11th
Solistimum the Third: September 16th
Meeting the Third: September 25th
Meeting the Fourth: October 2nd
Solistimum the Fourth: October 6th
Solistimum the Fifth: October 21st
Meeting the Fifth: October 23rd. Deadline for Applications.
Meeting the Sixth: November 6th
Homecoming Reception: November 7th
Meeting the Seventh: November 11th – Dr Sylvia Nasar. Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall. 7pm
Meeting the Seventh: November 20th
Meeting the Eighth: December 4th

What is a Solistimum? Want to get to know Philos qua Philo? Or are we just weird enough to be intriguing? Either way, come to our Solistima, held 3-4 times every semester. We talk, carouse, solve mysteries, dance, and wear zany outfits, but above all else we learn from each other. As always, come as you wish to be seen. We’ll bring the food and drink!

What is a Meeting? Come see for yourself!