Art Gallery

An art show.The Philomathean Art Gallery is the only art gallery in the University of Pennsylvania directed solely by students. Created with the intention of expanding students’ knowledge and awareness of the wider world of art both within and without the campus, the Gallery continues to hold true to its promise. Established in 1963, the Gallery has remained a vibrant hub of activity, providing a venue for art – visual arts, film, music, dance – and a home for Penn artists. The Art Gallery is located in the Philomathean Halls on the fourth floor of College Hall.

Reserving the Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is meant to be used for art exhibitions and performances of all kinds, and so we are always thrilled to collaborate with other artists and groups! Take a look at this PDF of the Art Gallery’s dimensions, and if we work for your show please contact the Art Gallery Director to make arrangements for a viewing.

Past Art Shows
Some art shows held this century include:

  • DEPARTURES featuring photographers of the Daily Pennsylvanian (THUR.27.SEP.2007)
  • CLICHE (THUR.26.APR.2007)
  • THE CONTEMPORARY NUDE, with readings from Quake contributors and a performance by the String Quintet (20.APR.2006)
  • GOOD LUCK IN HELL (17.MAR.2003)
  • 40th Anniversary Exhibit (6.OCT.2003)
  • THE HUMAN FORM: Nudity & Nakedness
  • CONFUSION & CLARITY: Philly through an African Eye (9.APRIL.2002)

Upcoming Art Shows
Check out postings under Art and Music for details on future art gallery shows and performances.

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